About Us

We are that reliable cleaning service you can trust.

A Closer Look At Who We Are

Hi there, my name is Bukola, and I am the CEO of Perfect Scrub Cleaning.

My husband and father of my two kids has long had a passion for cleaning. He cleans so much on a regular basis our little girls nicknamed him Mr. Clean a while back. I on the other hand have always leaned towards business and entrepreneurship having started a small business in the past.

With our passion intact, we saw the opportunity to bring our brand and desire for quality cleaning to the market. So, the idea for Perfect Scrub was born to tackle several pain points in the industry.

We continue to satisfy our clients’ demands with our quality service and are pleased with the positive feedback we have received.

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Our Customers Matter to us

While we know our role in our client’s business is to ensure clean spaces, over here at Perfect Scrub we see our contribution as being more than that. Clean spaces energize your staff, create a good ambience, and enhance your organization’s productivity.

Working with us, we want to make sure that an organization can focus on the core business issues and confidently leave the mundane clean up to us. This is why we provide a full end-to-end cleaning service for all areas, making sure you don’t have to hire multiple contractors to get the service you need.

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Our Promise

We believe in providing an excellent quality of service that sets us apart from our competitors. Service delivery is important to us. Just as important is the dedicated staff that provide it. At Perfect Scrub Cleaning, we carry out a very stringent vetting process when hiring to ensure that the qualities and character of our staff match our core values.

We are always looking for better ways to do what we do best and are constantly innovating. We aim to save money for our clients while meeting their cleaning needs because that never hurts.

What we Strive for

In our hopes to keep growing our business and to give back to the community we have started to provide employment for those in our immediate community in Peel region which we have called home these last 5 years. We hope our efforts will contribute towards an even better and more prosperous community in the long run.

We look forward to a future where Perfect Scrub will become a household name that has earned the trust of all our customers and become the preferred cleaning company in Ontario.

- The Perfect Scrub Team

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